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GAC is a soccer club dedicated to providing boys, girls and adults an opportunity to play organized soccer. Opportunities exist for players to play from a fun-filled non-competetive atmosphere to the highest level the sport can offer. The club promotes learning through the sport in a friendly environment. Playing style varies and depends on the age of the player. Contact us if you would like additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Game times fluctuate but in general boys play on Saturday and Girls play on Sunday. Each team will be given a game schedule at the beginning of the season.
At the younger ages (10 years of age and under), kids play half their games at home, within the Guildford area and half their games away within the Surrey area. Older ages (11 years of age and older), depending on the caliber, may have to travel as far East as Chilliwack or Mission and as far West as Coquiltlam.
Practices are held weeknight evenings with most younger teams practicing once a week and older kids, depending on the caliber of play, one to three times a week. Each team is assigned a regular practice time slot at a local Guildford area field.
Guildford Athletic Club posts the City of Surrey’s field conditions report on our website every Thursday. However, if your game is cancelled your coach or manager will phone and let you know.
Guildford Athletic Club has a wide variety of clinics, academies and development programs for our players and also for players from outside of our club. Please review our Head Coach’s section of this website for further details of these programs (link).
Click on Club on the menu above. A dropdown menu will appear, click on Executives. Here you will find a list of our executive members and other helpful members of our club. They can all be reached by e-mail. Keep in mind these are volunteers and may not be able to respond to you immediately.
All complaints should be directed to the executive of Guildford Athletic Club.
Yes. During the off-season players can re-register or tryout with any club within their district. During the season a player may transfer clubs under extenuating circumstances, but both clubs involved will try to avoid these scenarios.
Yes. Any child living within the City of Surrey or White Rock may register with Guildford Athletic Club. B.C. soccer also allows up to three players from outside of our district to play on each Guildford team. For instance a player from Langley or Coquitlam could play for Guildford Athletic Club. Usually this only happens at the older ages and with higher caliber teams.
Registration for fall soccer opens on April 1st and closes in mid-August. There is however a penalty for late registrations. Teams fill up very quickly so it is best to register as early as possible.
Online registration is preferred over paper. Please visit the registration page for more details.
Your child will be placed on a team of kids the same age or born the same year. The youngest kids in our club are 4 years old and the oldest are 17 years of age.
All players who tryout for divisional rep teams will be noticed whether they make the team shortly after tryouts. All other players will be assigned to teams by the registrar. Assignment is dependent on when the completed registration is submitted, what team the child played on the previous year, availability of coaches and space availability on teams. Players will receive a phone call from their coach from mid August through mid September to let them know what time they are on. Younger teams start later in the season.
The season starts the second or third week of September.
Please sign-up using our easy-to-fill volunteer form.
No. You can volunteer as little time or as much you can afford to without becoming a GAC Executive. There is no pre-requisite. Sign Up
No. You can volunteer as little as 1 hour one-time to multiple hours over a period of time. Sign Up
It depends on what you are volunteering for. Certain tasks may need skills (i.e. be familiar with common computer programs) while others may simply require an extra body to perform some tasks on the day of an event. Sign Up
If you want to put in the effort to help the club truly serve the community and the kids (isn’t that why we are here in the first place?), you can volunteer to become an Executive. A GAC Executive drives process and policy within the club and may also represent GAC within the District or even at BC Soccer. It really depends on how much you would like to get involved. Sign Up
You can get in touch with Elvin Picardo.
Refunds are typically issued for one of the following reasons:
A player cannot be placed on a team
A request for a refund is made prior to the deadline for refunds
A player is injured during a practice or game and cannot play for the rest of the season
If none of these reasons apply to your child, you can still apply for a refund. In this case it is left to the discretion of the Executive Board.
This depends on the time the request was made. If made during our busy times (July-October) refund requests can take anywhere from 1-3 months. Refunds are typically processed around the October-November timeframe.
More answers on refunds....


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