GAC Values

We are a volunteer organization whose primary goal is “To promote the enjoyment of, and participation in, the sport of soccer.” By fostering players and coaches through teaching and governing the game of soccer among all club members. To encourage good sportsmanship and fair play by respecting the laws of the game, officials and players.

Our Mission:

At Guildford Athletic Club (GAC), we are a volunteer-driven organization passionate about fostering the enjoyment and participation in soccer for all our members. We achieve this by providing a supportive environment where players, coaches, and parents work together to learn, grow, and celebrate the beautiful game.

Building a Strong Foundation:

The beginning of the season is a great time to establish clear expectations for both coaches and families. This collaborative approach ensures the best possible learning experience for our most important people - the players!

Parents as Partners:

Here are some ways you can contribute to a positive and rewarding soccer experience for your child:

Focus on Fun: Remember, your child is involved in soccer for their enjoyment, not yours. Encourage them to play fair and have fun!

• Sportsmanship Matters: High-performance programs don't always guarantee equal playing time. Teach your child to value effort and accept the results with good sportsmanship.

• Positive Reinforcement: Celebrate even honest attempts! Every game presents an opportunity to learn and grow. Encourage your child and focus on skill development instead of dwelling on mistakes.

• Respecting Our Coaches: Our dedicated coaches dedicate their time to share their passion for soccer with your child. Show them respect and refrain from questioning their decisions or judgement in public.

• Positive Communication: For the best experience, all communication with your child during games and practices should be directed through the coaching staff.

• Be a Positive Role Model: Remain outside designated spectator areas and avoid criticizing referees or players from either team. Let's work together to remove negativity and celebrate good sportsmanship.

• Empowering Your Child: Encourage your child to communicate their needs and concerns directly with the coaching staff. This helps them develop responsibility and ownership over their experience.

• Celebrate Effort: Applaud good sportsmanship and effort from all players, regardless of team affiliation.

Respecting Our Referees:

Referees are a vital part of our game, especially at competitive levels. Many are young and starting out. Be patient and encouraging, recognizing that everyone makes mistakes. Focus on supporting their decisions and allowing them to learn and grow.

Dedicated Coaches:

Our coaches invest significant time and effort in creating a positive soccer experience for your child. They run practices and games, focusing on both individual and team development. They may also provide updates on your child's progress on the field.

Parental Presence:

Following BC Soccer regulations, all GAC coaches are certified or in the process of obtaining age-appropriate coaching credentials. However, parents and guardians remain the ultimate role models when it comes to their child's behaviour on and off the field.

Proper Equipment:

For player safety and insurance purposes, BC Soccer mandates the use of cleats and shin pads at all practices and games. Please ensure your child has the proper equipment and wears shin guards under their socks as per safety guidelines.

Guildford Athletic Club respectively acknowledges the indigenous communities on whose traditional and unceded territories we live, work and play on.

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